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Our Story – Automatic Machines for Cleaning and Turning Cheeses Our Story – Automatic Machines for Cleaning and Turning Cheeses

I always want to be safe and surrounded by beauty. From 2014 to today. Our story begins, Part III

I thank God for making me born poor, so very poor. Otherwise, I would never have achieved what I have.”

This phrase, frequently mentioned in Rossano Bettini’s later writings, perfectly encapsulates his entrepreneurial journey, serving as an example for the younger generations.

The story of Rossano Bettini and Renato Ferretti is about two entrepreneurs who started from nothing and built a successful company through tenacity, passion, and dedication.

Both characterized by humility and a spirit of sacrifice, Rossano and Renato believed in their dreams and worked tirelessly to achieve them.

Their passion for their work was the driving force that helped them overcome every obstacle and reach ambitious goals.

Today, with pride and gratitude, we share the latest chapter of this extraordinary story, knowing that the future still holds great challenges and satisfactions.

From Renato Ferretti to the Bettini family, our story spans from the first cheese cleaning and turning machines to subsequent innovations

Rossano, born in 1928, and Renato, born in 1943, share another important trait: creative genius.

Both created groundbreaking solutions that revolutionized their industry: Bettini’s modular hook shelving in 1952 and Ferretti’s Automatic Turning and Cleaning Machine in 1972.

These inventions are the culmination of brilliant insights and tireless effort, showcasing the tenacity and dedication that both founders share.

However, their paths diverge geographically: Renato operated in Emilia, while Rossano in Tuscany.

Despite this geographic difference, both hail from regions that have always cultivated a unique blend of tradition and innovation, practicality, and creativity.

After their first collaboration in 2012, the Bettini Family decided to acquire Ing. Ferretti in 2014, joining forces to build innovative quality solutions for the dairy sector, always standing by their clients at every moment.

Our Story – Automatic Machines for Cleaning and Turning Cheeses

Stefano, SIlvano Simone e Sandro

While Rossano, an emblematic figure, was an entrepreneur who grew up not with computers but with drafting tables and workshop benches, his sons and heirs—Stefano, Silvano Simone, and Sandro—are thoroughly modern managers.

Every era demands, creates, and shapes its unique professions, and today, the role of an entrepreneur is constantly evolving.

Over the years, Stefano, Silvano Simone, and Sandro have strengthened, enhanced, and improved the business their father started.

They have demonstrated the inseparable continuity between family and work, and the essential integration of personal and productive spheres.

The foundations of their success are built on experience, and the experience of Rossano, passed down to Stefano and Silvano Simone, is now being imparted to their own children.

Among them is Niccolò, who currently serves as the Technical Director of Ing. Ferretti.

Our Story – Automatic Machines for Cleaning and Turning Cheeses

A Bright Future

The story of Ing. Ferretti and the Bettini Family is an exemplary testimony to how passion, ingegno italiano, and tenacity can lead to success.

This fusion of tradition and innovation forms a solid foundation for a bright future.

For over 50 years, we have focused on a single sector: the dairy industry.

This forward-thinking choice has allowed the company to develop a profound understanding of the specific needs of this field, becoming a benchmark in the industry.

Leveraging its extensive experience, Ing. Ferretti has developed innovative and highly efficient technological solutions that have revolutionized the dairy sector.

More than 3,000 machines installed in renowned cheese production areas, such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, and Trentingrana, are tangible proof of Ing. Ferretti’s success.

This achievement not only demonstrates the excellence of the company’s technologies but also the trust that customers place in the quality and reliability of the brand.

Looking to the future, Ing. Ferretti and the Bettini Family aim to be champions of constant innovation, always attentive to new market demands and the challenges posed by the industry.

The goal is to continue growing and establishing themselves as the undisputed leaders in the dairy sector, offering customers increasingly high-performance and cutting-edge solutions.

The story of Ing. Ferretti and the Bettini Family is an inspiration for future generations. It shows how passion, ingenuity, and creativity, combined with a solid tradition and a forward-looking vision, can lead to success and contribute to the development of the dairy sector.

Our Story – Automatic Machines for Cleaning and Turning Cheeses