Trentingrana, the history of a unique cheese

Trentingrana cheese is a unique product, characterized by a special fragrance, a balanced taste, and an unmistakable sweetness, making it irresistible to every palate.

It is produced in the Alpine and pre-Alpine valleys of Trentino, in an uncontaminated, dynamic, and constantly evolving territory, respecting the tradition and rhythms of a region with evocative landscapes.

The story of Trentingrana cheese has relatively recent roots, tracing back to the 1920s when Michele Marchesi, a native of Val di Non, married a woman from Mirandola in the province of Modena.

After moving to Emilia Romagna, Marchesi immersed himself in the art of Parmesan Cheese cheesemaking, acquiring extensive knowledge and expertise.

Upon his return to Trentino, in the town of Rumo, he brought back the secrets and techniques he had learned, officially marking the beginning of Trentingrana’s extraordinary journey in 1926.


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The success of Marchesi’s endeavor was evident from the start.

The initial batches produced in Rumo were met with immediate acclaim, leading to the establishment of the first seven cheesemakers within a short period, collectively producing 1,000 wheels of cheese annually.

Today, Trentingrana cheese is produced by 14 cheesemakers belonging to the Consortium of Trentino Social Cheesemakers, founded in 1973 with the mission of safeguarding traditional production methods.

The consortium plays a crucial role in supporting cheesemakers, analyzing raw materials, overseeing the maturing process, and marketing the final product.

In doing so, they ensure the preservation of Trentino’s rich cheesemaking heritage.


Why is Trentingrana special?

Trentingrana stands out as a special cheese due to several factors that make its production process and organoleptic characteristics unique.

First and foremost, this exceptional product is the result of the extraordinary determination and deep passion shared by the 14 cooperative cheesemakers of Trentino, true “rebels” of cheesemaking tradition.

Why rebels? These tireless breeders and cheesemakers courageously face the many challenges posed by a fascinating yet demanding land like Trentino, characterized by harsh winters, steep slopes, and prolonged summers in mountain pastures: only those who raise livestock in the mountains fully understand the meaning of daily toil.

The term “rebels” underscores their inspiration, driven by passion and love for their roots and their animals, forgoing modern trends and rhythms.

As a result, the raw materials that make up this cheese are so special, coming exclusively from the mountains of Trentino, from small farms of Bruna Alpina cows, which are fed on fresh grass, hay, and feed.

Simple and genuine, these products give Trentingrana an authenticity that is unique in its kind.

These elements converge to create a cheese that goes beyond mere food, representing a marriage of tradition, passion, and territory.

Trentingrana is, in fact, a DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) cheese, guaranteeing the typicality and origin of the product, whose production adheres to a very strict specification, which prohibits, among other things, the use of silage in animal feed, which must be totally GMO-free.

Its particular maturation

The aging of Trentingrana cheese is a process that contributes to its unique character.

With a minimum aging period of 20 months and a maximum of 30 months, this cheese releases a rich and complex flavor, yet balanced and never too salty.

The rebellion of this product is also evident in the aging method: a pilot project has started to age Trentingrana cheese wheels in hypogean cells, 200 meters below ground level, in caves specially dug in the Dolomite, the rock of which the Dolomites are made.

It is not just an economic fact, but of a bond with the territory, of the possibility of keeping the environment unchanged, exploiting the subsoil and its peculiar characteristics.