Assistenza per il settore caseario


Our Customer Assistance service is active throughout the production territory of Parmigiano Reggiano®, Grana Padano® and Trentingrana®: our goal is to keep the heart of the Italian dairy industry ef_ cient on a daily basis with fast and professional interventions, minimizing the time of the inoperable machines.
Experienced operators, who offer telephone support during all normal maintenance operations perfor- med by internal technicians of the individual dairies, are available to customers.

Assistenza per il settore caseario. Verifiche Programmate per i macchinari automatici progettati per migliorare i processi di stagionatura


We offer our customers a scheduled maintenance service on each machine on a quarterly, biannual or annual basis.
The objective is to always maintain the maximum ef_ ciency of the machinery and the best performances by analyzing both the mechanical components and the operator’s safety devices.

Assistenza per il settore caseario. Manut


We perform complete maintenance of used machinery at our workshop by completely dismantling them, replacing any worn parts and completely sandblasting and repainting them, hence obtaining a considerably longer life of the machine.

Assistenza per il settore caseario. Manutenzione straordinaria per le macchine progettate per migliorare i processi di stagionatura


We guarantee stock availability of all spare parts, even those of older machines.
All our components are made according to high safety and quality standards, that only the manufacturer.


As a “manufacturer”, we are able to certify the compliance of our elevator benches and to issue the appropriate documentation that certifies the state of good conservation and the perfect performance of all the safety devices installed.

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